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Bam Bam.jpg

Bam Bam

Bam Bam produced NLB's very first litter.

She has three breedings out there with some of the world's hottest XL specimens including;

Bigfoot, Jumanji & Bullion. 

We retired Bam Bam after her third breeding she now sleeps her days away eating table scraps every now and then. :) We are very thankful for Bam Bam and all that she has provided us.



Ariabella is the first female owned by No Love Bullies. She is a specialty production from two of the most reputable dogs in the game. King Slayer x Butterscotch

She has had one breeding so far with our first ever owned dog King Canelo.

She produced 17 pups on that litter full of every color in the books!


Big Linda

Linda has a litter with MBK-E's Menace, and a litter with FSB's CH. Future as well as a litter with out in house owned stud, none other than Al Capone of No Love Bullies

Pebbles - Big Foot x Bam Bam.jpg

NLB's Pebbles

Pebbles is a NLB production from Bigfoot x Bam Bam. NLB's very first keeper from their first litter!

She is also the sister of NLB's Anakin who is making his mark in Hawaii.

Bossy's Shocoa.jpg

Shocoa of NLB

Shocoa is a Bossy Kennel's production. She is from Bossy's Lionel x Bossy's Edna.

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