STEP ONE: Pick out a pick/puppy by clicking "HERE"


 STEP TWO: Fill out the buyer's registration forum by clicking "HERE" 

STEP THREE: Sign a contract stating you agree properly care for your dog. View a blank contract by clicking "HERE" Once you have completed "Step Two" a team member will be in contact via the email you provide us, with an unsigned copy of your contract for your review. 

STEP FOUR: Send a 15% deposit of the total cost of your puppy.

STEP FIVE: Hang tight! Your pick is locked in. Picks are done at 8 weeks.

Full money is due by the time your pup is 6 weeks of age.


Deposits are required to lock in any "Pick" before it is born.

We require a 15% deposit of your pick's total sale price.


For example: Third Pick Male Merle: $15,000 USD 


15% of $15,000 = $2,250 (Deposit)

(Please keep in mind that ear cropping is an additional $500 USD from the listed sale price)

Any and all payments are NOT refundable under any circumstances.

If you wish to view a blank contract please view the site tab labeled "CONTRACT". This contract will be signed by both parties with the correct details filled in the blanks regarding your puppy and his or her details such as cost, color, dam, and sire, etc.

Payments may be made via bank to bank wire transfer.



text or call: 330-432-2728

WhatsApp - 1-330-432-2728